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Science & Technology Reports Graphic

A Series of 7 DVDs covering over 250 subjects in the form of 90 second television reports presented by none other than Mr. Wizard himself, Don Herbert.

Handsomely packaged in a boxed set, this collection covers the areas of Physics, Chemistry, Earth & Space, Plants & Organisms, Animals, Ecology and Human Biology with 40 plus reports on each DVD. Teachers and students of all ages will find this set useful as a research and educational tool, entertaining to watch and historically's a must have!!

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Don Herbert from Science & Technology Reports Cover Art

A series of DVDs designed to help teachers present concepts they have been teaching in class. The complete library includes information on a variety of subjects such as Simple Machines, Gravity, Kitchen Chemistry, Light Reflections and more. Each subject progresses from the simplest ideas to the most complex, with every segment bringing out an important scientific principle.

The set will also include a handsome Teacher's Guide that can be used to assist in lesson preparation. Teachers may wish to view a segment and then do an example with the class or they may show segments as a substitute for an actual demonstration.

Whatever way teachers choose to use the library, it will surely be of great assistance in bringing scientific concepts to their students.

Mr. Wizard's DVD Library was produced by Mr. Wizard but at this time, there is no release date scheduled. Keep checking back here at this website for any new information!



Mr Wizard's Science Twenty Logo

The DVDs in this series contain various episodes that are each 20 minutes long...hence the name...and they present experiments and demonstrations from the viewpoint of the person doing them. This unusual perspective involves the viewer in the action where they can observe, be challenged to measure, record, compare, classify, analyze, calculate, solve, evaluate, verify, theorize and predict.

The DVDs are also open ended in that some of the final steps of a solution or further investigations are left for students to complete.

There is also a comprehensive teacher's guide with detailed outlines of the "plots", background information, suggestions for student activities, descriptions of the techniques used, student data sheets (with answers) - all to help make the DVDs effective teaching tools.

Mr. Wizard's Science 20 DVDs were produced by Mr. Wizard but at this time, there is no release date scheduled. Keep checking back here at this website for any new information!



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